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About Us

Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT Click here for Meir's Self-Healing story.

Dr. Meir Schneider

The School for Self-Healing is a non-profit school that teaches and provides movement work, massage, and vision therapy in San Francisco as well as around the globe for a wide variety of disorders, diseases and injuries. We provide private Sessions, free and low-cost public Workshops, as well as Training in the Self-Healing Method. See our Calendar for upcoming events in San Francisco and world-wide. Free workshops and lectures are held at the school every Monday evening, except for Holidays. Visit our new online store. View our Self-Healing Audio works available on CD Baby! Also available on iTunes!

Our founders remarkable story:

Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT, used the Bates Method to cure himself of congenital blindness, and went onto develop the The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Bodywork and Movement. See our Exercises and Tips to get a sense of Meir’s Self-Healing technique. The technique has been medically documented to help people with a wide variety of degenerative conditions, for example Muscular Dystrophy, and can help increase mobility, improve the function of body systems, relieve pain, improve vision, and increase productivity. Meir was interviewed for British Television by Iain McNay in November, 2010. Watch now on Conscious TV

Listen to a recent interview of Meir on KKUP! Read an article written by a nearby local paper, the Mountain View Voice. Listen to our audio blog below on the imbedded player or on the Mix Cloud website!

A Message from Meir

This year make your health your priority. You can be educated and experience balance in the body and eyes, understanding how to isolate and use appropriate muscle groups, how to restore plasticity to the visual system, how to create and maintain a healthy nervous system; how to become aware of and meet the needs of your body and eyes.When I discovered through my own healing journey that our body truly does have the ability to self-heal, it became my mission in life to teach others that they could too. Whatever the condition, you can improve. I emerged from darkness- literally- from reading Braille to driving a car-, and so can you. Impossible does not exist at the School for Self-Healing.


 Meir and Melissa in a Self-Healing session.

Read Melissa’s remarkable story.