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Meir Schneider teaching Level I Training

Hello everyone!  We thought you might want to see what’s been going on at the School For Self-Healing the last couple weeks during our Level I training sessions:

Photo 1 shows Meir encouraging the Segment B students to hit the books hard in the Student Center at the School For Self-Healing!

Photo 2 is a bird’s-eye view of trampoline therapy training during Segment A.

Photo 3 is kind of spooky, but demonstrates the techniques employed in our special Dark Therapy Room with the Spinning Ball.

If you’d like to learn more, we plan on having another Level I training class in March 2016 and we’d love to see each and every one of you there!

Level I class hitting the books Level I class doing trampoline work Level I class using spinning balls

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Meir Schneider in Brazil

We reached the end of another season of Meir Schneider in Brazil. There were about 250 people present in workshops, lectures with over 1,000 people, 200 free consultations in the Level II Training Course, 20 private sessions, 18 new students majoring in Level II and 12 alumni returning to refresh their knowledge. In total, we directly reached around 1500 people, besides having signed important technical and scientific partnerships to study the Self-Healing Method in depth. Attending this most recent session that lasted from 15/07/15 to 09/08/15 was a great privilege. Being close to our beloved master Meir Schneider, in full physical, mental and emotional proximity to him made us all feel continuously honored. I thank all the other colleagues who organized events in their cities: Fabiola Santos, Leo Lewkowicz, Marianne Aguirre, Sandra St. James, Sonia Carrocine and Tatiana Gebrael. I thank each of the participants of the workshops and lectures by the overwhelmingly receptive response you gave our methods. A super special thanks to students in the Level II Training Course for your proactive stance, deep commitment, true desire to learn and cooperative spirit.  Finally, I thank the patients who were with us during the Level II Training Course because they were the raw material of so many “miracles” we produce together.  I can sincerely state that my fellow therapists and student of the Self-Healing Method are the best human beings and professionals I have ever met.  Experiencing the healing process of patients of this method is the best food for my heart and soul that could possibly be. For all that, holding events of the Self-Healing Method with Meir Schneider in Brazil is the sincerest expression of my dream come true.

Love, Laura Cantos.