Six Day Natural Vision Improvement Workshop

Exercises on the beach.

Exercises on the beach.

February 28 – March 5, 2013

Protect the priceless gift of sight!

  • Alleviate computer eyestrain.
  • Rest your eyes during the workday.
  • Learn healthy eye habits and integrate them into your daily life.

Vision problems are all too common in our lifestyle and society. Unbalanced, poor visual habits and movement patterns, and accumulated eyestrain compromise the health and function of the eyes. Relaxation of the eyes and proper use will improve eyesight.


Marc Grossman O.D. L.Ac.

“This Kit is a must have for any one with eyesight problems. Meir Schneider has taken The Bates Method into the new millennium with an integration of eye exercises, yoga principles and relaxation techniques!”-Marc Grossman O.D. L.Ac. author of Magic Eye: Beyond 3D Improve Your Vision, Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia, and Greater Vision: A Read more about Marc Grossman O.D. L.Ac.[…]

Tracy Miley

“Both the massage therapy and exercises given to me by Meir Schneider have helped my respiratory problem, cystic fibrosis. My breathing has deepened, my posture has improved, and the muscles of my shoulders and upper back are a lot stronger.” Tracy Miley, Delaware, OH

Edie Ostapik

“I suffered from a repetitive strain disorder – tendonitis – for 5 years, in high school and college. I got rid of it studying with Meir.” Edie Ostapik, San Francisco, CA

Maggie Lyons

“As a biochemist I suffered regularly with repetitive strain injuries, backache, colds, allergies, headaches and eye strain. I seemed to be always below par and lacking in energy. As a Self-Healing Practitioner/Educator I seem to have boundless energy and remain virtually symptom free. Learning Self-Healing has transformed my life – both personally and professionally. It Read more about Maggie Lyons[…]