Breathe and Flow with Pearl Howell

When: Thu, August 26, 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Where: 2218 48th ave San Francisco 94116 (map)

This interactive workshop will focus on the importance of breathing to facilitate movement in the body, and will utilize Meir Schneider’s “movements for self-healing” as preparations for accessing yoga poses that enhance respiration.

We will begin with self-massage and stretching of the breathing muscles as outlined in Dr. Scheider’s Handbook for Self-Healing. Then practice one or two breathing techniques, including a basic yogic breath, and apply the breath-work to the practice of a few yoga poses selected specifically to enhance respiration. We’ll palm to rest the eyes and close with savasana, corpse pose, a meditation in stillness to relax the body, mind and spirit.Participants will be led systematically to discover that proper breathing will help to make exercise and oher all movement, including yoga more effective, and that breathing and yoga are keys to self-exploration.

Pearl Howell began practicing yoga some 18 years ago, and has been teaching yoga for 7 years. She studied Raja yoga for many years under Magana and the late Walt Baptiste, and completed a year-long teacher training program conducted by senior Iyengar yoga teacher Tony Briggs. Ms. Howell has also completed all required CMT coursework at the School for Self-Healing, and is currently apprenticing there under Dr. Meir Schneider and Ms. Melissa Moody. Ms. Howell has a Master’s degree in Education and is drawn toward yoga and self-healing by her own healing journey, her natural “teacher within” and the joy she feels when sharing the art and science of these practices with others.