Free Lecture: EFT Healing Circle with Heike Prevrhal

When: Thu, September 9, 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Where: 2218 48th Ave. / San Francisco, Ca / 94116 (map)

We’ll use the EFT tapping to start releasing issues that get in the way of staying connected with inner peace and ease. No prior EFT experience or knowledge is necessary. Donations gratefully accepted. About EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy to learn self-healing technique that allows you to effectively release stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, physical and emotional pain, and more. Gentle tapping with your fingers on meridian points (also used in acupuncture) facilitate a release of energy blockages and allow for healing and transformation.
About the circle: This meeting is all about experiencing EFT in a supportive group setting. Let’s start moving on those issues that keep holding us back, so more of our at times seemingly hidden lightness, peace and joy can start shining through! Come check out what EFT is all about, you are welcome to join the circle. I am looking forward to tapping with you!
While an EFT Healing Circle can help you to release all kinds of trauma, it is not appropriate for people with significant personality disorders and anybody under the influence. No registration necessary!

For more information please visit Heike’s web site