Relaxation of the Visual System with Melissa Moody

Thu, July 29, 6:15pm – 7:45pm

2218 48th Ave San Francisco, Ca 94116

Relaxation of the Visual System is a Free Class- no need to register.

All are welcome and bring a friend! Modern life creates excessive stress and inflexibility of the visual system, causing vision degeneration. You can improve your reading, distance, night and peripheral vision and address or prevent most vision pathologies through Self-Healing’s unique combination of eye exercises, massage and movement..

The first step is relaxation of the visual system. Learn techniques practiced for thousands of years by Tibetan Yogis that bring deep relaxation to the visual system. Understand how lifestyle and posture affects vision and the interrelation of the body and eyes. Learn how to relax your central vision, how to look with a soft gaze, and how to relax and open the face and upper body, bringing more circulation to the eyes.
Melissa Moody, LMT is Director of the School for Self-Healing, a Self-Healing Practitioner and Natural Vision Improvement Educator. Melissa used Self-Healing to overcome and transcend total disability from an auto/pedestrian accident
Melissa Moody, LMT

Melissa Moody, LMT