Free Classes to Improve Your Vision!

FREE Natural Vision Improvement Workshops at the School for Self-Healing, 2218 48th Ave, San Francisco, Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24, 2010!

The non-profit School for Self-Healing is offering free classes to the Bay Area public to teach you how to take care of your eyesight, prevent degenerative vision conditions, and how to actually improve your vision! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to preserve the priceless gift of vision, at no cost! Call & register to reserve your place in class today as space is limited. 415-665–9574 or email

October 23
10 am-
The Basics of Eye Exercises and Relaxing the Visual System

Learn how your vision is affected by posture, modern technology and lifestyle,  and to develop healthy eye habits to improve your eyesight. Practice simple techniques to bring deep relaxation to the eyes & visual system. and conveniences.  Understand the interrelation of your body and eyes. Learn to look with a soft gaze, increasing circulation and central vision relaxation.

Balancing the Use of the Eyes, Improving Night Vision and Overcoming Glaucoma

Most people have an imbalanced visual system, whether from concentrating straight ahead to the point of ignoring the periphery (a leading cause of traffic accidents), glasses, pathology like glaucoma or a disparity on clarity between the two eyes. Most people have one eye that is dominant and the brain subdues the messages from the other. This puts tremendous strain on the dominant eye. Learn how to relieve the strain, stimulate your peripheral vision and use your eyes in better balance.

Exercises for Improving Distance Vision

Modern lifestyle promotes deterioration in vision. Learn how to improve your ability to see well in the distance by using your eyes correctly, and compensating for the constant close up work our visual system is subjected to.

October 24
Exercises for Overcoming Presbyopia: Reading Can Be Easier

You do not have to wear reading glasses as you age if you learn the simple healthy techniques to promote flexibility in the lens of your eyes! Learn exercises and techniques to improve far-sightedness and the ability to see clearly up close.

Overcoming the Visual Stresses of Computer Work

Working at the computer without breaks strains the eyes and body. Symptoms include eyestrain, general fatigue, headache, neck and shoulder pain, and difficulty focusing the eyes. Learn to nurture your eyes with computer survival tips.

Eye Exercises for Macular Degeneration, Retinal & Optic Nerve Problems

People are developing macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness, at earlier and ealrie ages. You can prevent this disease! Learn specific exercises to nurture the retina and use your macula in a healthy manner, preserving and strengthening your eyesight.