Student Clinics in San Francisco


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to advance your health in your Self-Healing journey, study and healing process!

You are invited to sign up for a wonderful experience as a Client in the February Self-Healing Student Clinic!

Melissa Moody will assess and lead your private self-healing session. Normally $140/hour with Melissa, the sessions will be offered for $95 for an hour and 15 minutes. Take advantage of lower rate sessions! And at least two advanced student practitioners will also work with you during your private therapy session.

Come and discover how to break patterns that are blocking your body’s healing abilities

• To improve the quality of your movement and create new ones

• To improve your vision and /or stabilize and heal visual pathologies

• To better understand your body’s needs

• To increase your repertoire of healing tools

• To create functional gains whenever possible or appropriate

• To improve/manage symptoms to allow you to live life fully

Wellness sessions are also available for those interested in releasing tension, reducing stress, improving movement and vitality, eliminating common aches, pain or discomfort, and slowing down the aging process.

We work with a wide range of health conditions; all are welcome.
Clients have had profound experiences.

Schedule a session NOW with Melissa Moody and advanced students of the Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement and create a quantum leap in your healing process.

Melissa- Self-Healing Practitioner, Natural Vision Improvement Therapist and Director of Education and Development for the School for Self-Healing- has worked with clients for over 9 years, after using Self-Healing to recover from a near fatal auto/pedestrian auto accident.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to work with Melissa to improve your physical and/or visual health. Melissa may be moving to Texas spring, 2011.

For Advanced Student Practitioners:

Students have the opportunity to work with Melissa, CMT, and other advanced Self-Healing students February 11& 12 2011.  Work with a wide range of physical and visual diseases and disorders. This is a wonderful time to deepen and refresh your skills, and enjoy the benefits of the group setting. Cost is $45 per day, deductible from your apprenticeship tuition fee. The Student Clinic is open to all graduates of Level One with either some apprenticeship experience or partial attendance of Level Two, all graduates of Level Two, and all apprentices.

Call 415.665.9574 to register.