February 2010 – Tips For Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Here are some simple techniques that may help you.

The very first remedy you need is gentle massage around the painful area. Have a member of your support group or a massage therapist help you and lightly massage your lower back by yourself. It is important to breathe deeply and to relax as fully as possible.

Avoid movements which will increase your pain. Trying to flex or extend your back beyond its present limited capacity will hurt it even more. It is very important, however, to promote movement in painful areas and areas near them. Gentle, non-vigorous movement increases circulation, muscle-fiber flexibility and strength, and is essential for healing. We suggest the following exercises:

Exercise A:

Your lower back may be inflamed. One suggestion is sitting in a hot tub with ice against your lower back (the ice will be immersed). This may sound funny, but in fact it combines relaxation of the muscles with reducing the local inflammation. Or fill your tub with cold water, hold a nice steaming cup of tea in your hands and immerse yourself in the cold water for four minutes. Yes, it is cold! The cold water will reduce the inflammation faster than ice. You can warm yourself in another tub with hot water for a few minutes and then return to the cold bath for another few minutes (or stand up and quickly warm up through the shower and then get back in the cold water) If your situation is acute, try a cold bath twice a day for a few days and then once day and then as needed.

Exercise B:

Lie on your back, bend your knees (keeping your feet on the floor), and move the knees together from side to side, while rolling your head to the opposite direction. Put a hot towel under your back to increase the circulation to that area immediately. That will help you stretch the back muscles as you mobilize the rest of your body. Breathe deeply.


“Meir taught me how to heal myself, whereas other methods only gave me temporary fixes that did not last. He taught me to listen deeply to my body and respond with gentle movement, and gave me tools to get well. It took me 1½ years to heal my C5S1 bulging discs. I went from unable to walk at all to hiking the Himalayas.” Dorthea Dorenz, Berkeley, CA

If you suffer severe low-back pain be sure to consult your physician about your situation.