Working with Computers

Working on computers can cause vision deterioration, eyestrain, headaches, tight neck and shoulders, and pain in the jaw. Learn to TAKE BREAKS- 30-60 seconds every 20-30 minutes and a longer one every hour or so! You can compensate for the stressors cause by profession and lifestyle!

Working at the computer without break strains the eyes, face and body


Set an alarm on the computer to remind you to take a vision break every 20-30 minutes. Take off your glasses if possible, look away from the screen at far as you can, out a window if possible, move your eyes from detail (difference) to detail, cover your dominant eye with one hand and look with your weaker eye, roll your eyes around in a circle, move your head in a circle in both directions and side to side, rotate each shoulder, blink, wave your hands at the side of your face, and go back to work.

Every hour, get up and move around and do the vision exercises


To breathe and to blink

Of the periphery around you (wiggle your fingers at the side of your face)

Of any tension in your jaw, face, shoulders and hands; relax, take a deep breath

Move in your chair frequently- shift positions

**Think about how you hold your body (fingers etc? Tensely or loosely?Shoulders hunched? You want to hold yourself loosely and relaxed and use the appropriate muscle groups. Develop body awareness. Breathe!


Allow time to develop new vision habits. You did not develop the tension in your eyes or vision habits

overnight. With practice, you will notice a new relaxed way of seeing, a more spacious visual field and more clarity of vision

Like with any self-care of your body, diet and health, education is first needed, and then doing it makes the difference! It is the continued practice that nurtures your eyes and induces change. Alternate the exercises; do something every day!

Do you have any of these symptoms? Try the suggested help

Dry eyes? Blink, blink. blink. Massage the face

Sore, achy eyes? Palm, look in the distance, cover your dominant eye and use weak eye

Jaw or teeth pain? Tune in to your jaw during the day. Open and close your mouth slightly when doing your vision exercises. Slightly move your jaw from side to side periodically (and even in “baby” circles) Notice your face relaxing, enhancing circulation

Neck pain? Move your head side to side, and in circles in both directions throughout the day

Tight shoulders or upper back? Rotate each shoulder in both directions separately, swing your arms back an forth and in full circles

Cramps in your fingers or wrist? Rotate each wrist in both directions. Clasp your hands and turn them out to stretch your fingers. Massage your hand. Shake your hand. Rotate each finger in both directions.

Massage and squeeze your forearm.

Deteriorating vision? Practice your eye exercises! Create a practice group!

Protect the priceless gift of sight

Deep tissue massage

  • At lunch take a moment to stand with your back to a wall and place two used tennis balls on either side of the spine, close to but not touching the vertebrae.
  • Bend your knees and move up and down the wall, pressing on the tennis balls.
  • This provides deep tissue massage to release tight muscles.

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