Solving and Preventing Back Pain

Proven Tips from Dr. Meir Schneider

Back pain plagues millions of Americans. Meir often jokes that those of us without back pain need support groups because we are so lonely. The modern medical field does very little for those with chronic back pain, and often prescribes dangerous, addictive medications like opioid painkillers, or suggests surgery. Unfortunately, one surgery only leads to another, and another – one surgeon friend of the School for Self-Healing pointed out that “all back surgeries are necessary, except for the first.”

We believe in a different solution. Meir’s new book, Awakening Your Power for Self-Healing, has pages upon pages dedicated to preventing, alleviating, and curing back pain from various sources. If you suffer from back pain, you simply won’t find a better compendium of information on solving your problems with your back. Until you receive your copy and can begin the life changing self-healing process it presents, there is one point to bear in mind:

Movement is the Cure for Pain

Most of our back problems arise from using our backs incorrectly or not at all. Desk jobs demand that we sit for many hours of the day and utilize our bodies in a way that leads to gradual degeneration of our spinal discs, as well as our joints and the rest of our bodies. Misuse is almost always the culprit for back pain. By taking breaks at work every hour, even if only for a few minutes, we can stop the degredation of our backs. Use that time to bend your spine gently backward to counteract the forward bend we so often see in office work. Here is a simple exercise to use about once an hour, both to alleviate backpain and prevent pain in future:

1) Stand up behind your chair, desk, or anywhere you can steady yourself.
2) Place one hand on your desk or chair, and take your foot behind you in the other.
3) Gently pull your foot backward with your hand as you bend your back and look toward the ceiling.
4) Hold the position for about 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

Yoga Move for Back Pain

Another great exercise for back pain is borrowed from yoga. It’s called the cobra pose.


The Cobra Pose

1) Lay flat on your stomach in an open area and place your hands under your shoulders, as if you were going to do a push up.
2) Gently press your chest upward with your hands, arching your back. Your pelvic bone should stay planted on the ground.
3) Hold the position for at least 30 seconds before letting yourself down. Repeat.

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