December 12, 2017

Marianne Asmussen Aguirre

Works with the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method since the year 2000.

She considers herself an Educator – and has always felt a Strong  affinity with Meir´s  way of understanding health issues. The client can always improve, be it vision or body issues, we start from were he/she is and then help them help themselves to a better  level of health.

Marianne did the full training in the Self-Healing Method, with Meir Schneider in  the United States and Canada, and spent  inumerous hours apprenticing  with Meir in the Us, Germany,  and Brazil.

She feels an enormous gratitude for the opportunity of learning with  Meir

She also trained with Beatriz Nascimento in Brazil and is thankful  for this added richness in her life.

Today she is a therapist and instructor in the Self-healing Method.

She is one of the founders  of the Associaçao Brasileira de Self-Healing  (ABSH) and   has been it´s President for 2 terms.

Her downtown office in São Paulo is at the Instituto Ghelman  Medicina Integrativa – where 25 health professionals work together creating a practice of Integrative Medicine.

Marianne does lectures, workshops and individual sessions. both in Brazil and in Europe.

BA Degree in Psychology from PUC Catholic University of São Paulo – SP – Brazil
MA Degree in Education – BU Catholic University of Miami  – Miami – USA
Full training in the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method
Family Constelations by  Bert Hellinger


Office: R. Alvilandia, 345 – Alto de Pinheiros –
Tel: 11 38982295 – Cel: 9 99889974