January 11, 2013

Meir Schneider

2010-05-26 12.44.31Born Blind

Meir was born blind to deaf parents in 1954 because of congenital cataracts. After five unsuccessful surgeries on the lenses of his eyes, which left him with massive scar tissue, glaucoma, cataracts, cross-sightedness and nystagmus (involuntary rapid eye movement), his doctors pronounced his condition hopeless and he was certified permanently legally blind. He performed his reading and schoolwork in Braille. Inside, he never relinquished his dream of gaining sight.

Just months before his seventeenth birthday, Meir met a teenage boy who gave him hope that his dream of seeing could be realized. The boy taught him the Bates Method of eye exercises. Undeterred by the opposition and skepticism of family and physicians, Meir practiced these exercises with extreme diligence – up to 13 hours per day. Using the Bates Method as his foundation, he developed many more eye exercises of his own and created his own regimen of self-massage and movement. 

Awakening Your Power of Self Healing

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Dr. Schneider’s new book, Awakening Your Power for Self Healing, contains a wealth of knowledge on stress reduction, healthy living, holistic health, and treatments for specific ailments and diseases. There is truly nothing comparable on the market. If you are serious about taking control of your own health, learning how to improve your body, and develop practical, easy habits for a longer, happier life, his book will be a lifelong friend.

Learning to See

Within six months of starting the exercises, he could recognize visual objects for the first time in his life. Within 18 months, he could read print without glasses by holding the paper a few inches from his nose.  Today, Meir currently holds an unrestricted California driver’s license, and his vision continues to improve! Originally seeing at 20/2000 (able to see from one foot what a normally sighted person sees from 100 feet), he now sees 20/70 (70% of normal vision)!

Meir instructing a Natural Vision Improvement Workshop at the Center for Self-Healing in San Francisco

Meir teaching Natural Vision Improvement at the Center for Self-Healing

Sharing his Vision with Others

A normally sighted baby’s visual brain develops between the ages of eight weeks and three years.  Because of Meir’s cataracts, this part of his brain was not given the chance to develop. In addition, because of the surgeries, his eyes were full of scar tissue. Doctors told him he would never see. Despite this Meir remained diligent in his exercises. During his recovery process, while still a teenager, Meir began to help others with their vision problems and with a wide range of degenerative conditions, such as polio, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.

Although the conditions seem to be unrelated, Meir’s belief in their ability of his patients to recover, and his new outlook helped him to develop exercises that had never been tried before. He found that the same principles, which enabled him to gain functional eyesight, could be applied to the entire body. His unique approach and the unprecedented success led to his discoveries and to the creation of Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement, helping tens of thousands of people with serious physical and visual conditions worldwide.

An internationally respected therapist and educator, Meir is the founder and director of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, the author of:

  • Vision For Life: 10 Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement (2nd edition book) (Buy Here)
    and Companion DVD (Buy Here)
  • The Natural Vision Improvement Kit (Buy Here)
  • Movement for Self-Healing (Buy Here)
  • Yoga for Your Eyes (Buy Here)
  • Meir Schneider’s Miracle Eyesight Method (Buy Here)
  • Self-Healing: My Life and Vision
  • and the principal author of The Handbook of Self-Healing (Buy Here)

He was awarded a PhD in the Healing Arts for his work with muscular dystrophy. In 2007 Meir was honored by Israel, named as one of the  “Top Ten Most Inspirational Israelis” worldwide. In the fall of 2010 Meir was honored by then San Francisco Mayor, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, with a Certificate of Honor for his tireless efforts and a lifetime dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with both visual and physical limitations. As a healthcare visionary, pioneer therapist, international health educator, and author, Meir continues to develop his unique therapeutic healthcare system providing solutions for a variety of physical and visual disorders often considered beyond medical help.

Meir’s unrestricted California Driver License

Meir Schneider’s Blindness Certificate. Issued in 1970 in Tel Aviv, it is marked “Valid Permanently”

Meir’s right eye, with maximum dilation. Less than 1% of the lens area admits light; the rest is scar tissue and membrane. Making the best possible use of badly damaged eyes, Meir sees about 20/70.

A normal eye dilated. The black area is the lens, all of which admits light.

Meir Schneider on YouTube

A YouTube channel featuring television programs and videos of Meir Schneider.

Teaching and Speaking

Meir demonstrating the stregth of his back with students

Meir demonstrating the strength of his back with students

Meir travels the world and has taught in many places. In March 2014 he was invited to Singapore and Taiwan by Lapis Lazuli Light, a very well known holistic organization . Meir goes frequently to Israel, and last fall, he toured Spain, Italy, Black Forest in Germany, Czechia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom spreading his message of hope and rejuvenation.

Teaching Engagements in U.S. include

  • Ongoing training classes in the Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement; training classes for Natural Vision Improvement Educators, specialized workshops and retreats: Yoga For the Eyes, Movement for Self-Healing, Overcoming Repetitive Strain Injuries, Overcome Spine Problems and Build a Healthy Back; School for Self-Healing (SFSH), San Francisco, CA
  • Ongoing Healing Workshops across the nation, and around the world.  Common workshop themes are Natural Vision Improvement, Massage, and Self-Healing Through Movement. Most popular destinations are California (where we are located), New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Ongoing Public Service lectures: Natural Vision Improvement , Movement for Self-Healing, Wellness in the Workplace throughout the SF Bay Area- hospitals, bookstores, schools, libraries, patient support groups, spas
  • Esalen Institute, annual Awaken Your Power to Create Health and Vitality workshops, Big Sur, CA,  annual workshops, Big Sur, CA


  • California Institute for Integral Studies, classes on natural vision improvement and building a healthy back
  • National and State Conferences of the American Massage Therapy Association, presentations on Natural Vision Improvement, Overcoming Paralysis and Spine problems, Overcoming Repetitive Strain Injury
  • The North American Conference(s) on Natural Vision Improvement, Keynote speaker; co-sponsor with the University of San Francisco
  • University of California at San Francisco Medical Center, annual Natural Vision Improvement workshops for faculty and students

International Teaching Engagements include

  • Meir teaching at the School for Self-Healing

    Meir teaching at the School for Self-Healing

    Brazil– Ongoing trainings in Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement; Training classes for Natural Vision Improvement Educators; lectures and workshops for ophthalmologists and physiotherapists and other professionals, as well as for the public, annually since 1993

  • Israel– Workshops and trainings annually since 1986
  • United Kingdom– Workshops and trainings annually since 1988
  • Germany and Portugal, International Conferences of Holistic Vision, Keynote presentations
  • Mexico, Australia, Canada, Curacao, Germany, Hungary and Portugal: Lectures and workshops

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  • Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up
    and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the
    same outcome.

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  • Hi there,

    I would like to have one to one eye therapy sessions with dr. Meir Schneider. I’m suffering from eye problems for the last 27 years.

    Please let me know if that is possible and what are the fees and details required to proceed.


  • I live in washington , DC . Are you planning on teaching your methods in the area? If so, when? How can one take your courses? I have glaucoma and have lost some vision in my right eye.
    Can you help me?
    Judy B.

    • Meir will be having a lecture and a workshop in the DC Area June 6-13th. We should have the information in our Events page.

      The lecture is June 9, and the workshop is June 12.

  • I called in california this morning. I bough M. Schneider book a few weeks ago and it is only this morning that he was in Montreal. How much is a private session? And would it be possible to meet him wednesday. The only time I would be at noon, 1 and 2 o’clock.
    Otherwise, I will wait for next year

  • Hi, I live in Vancouver, Canada. Are you planning on going to Vancouver to teach your method? My sons eyesight is getting worse, he started wearing eyeglasses when he was grade 6.

    • Hello Cristy,

      The best way to contact us is through the contact information listed on the website: OfficeManager@self-healing.org or 415-665-9574. We won’t always see comments on the website right away, so it may take us quite a while to answer you this way!

      I am glad that I am seeing your comment now – Meir is planning a trip to Vancouver for May 2017! We are still working on the details. Our local contact helping us to organize this event is Pam Townsend. She has given me permission to share her contact information with you. You can email her at vanlover2@gmail.com or call her at Y’s Books, 604-879-9676.

      I hope you can meet Meir when he comes to town!

      Yours In Good Health,

      Molly McEnerney
      Event Coordinator

  • Please will you have Meir Schneider contact me to help a family with a 9 Month old who is suffering a cataract ..

    Most gratefully

    Peggy Arent

  • Dear Mr. Schneider,

    I got your contact details through Jeanne Harvey. In fact, I write instead of Melissa Iacobitti that 10 days after her birth was operated from both eyes with glaucoma. It turned out that she didn’t suffer from it, and her operation has failed completely. She found herself almost blind. She underwent two corneal transplants who also failed. Her retina following this scarring, and the surface of her eyes is covered with a whitish veil. Since her birth, Melissa is blind in the right eye. She sees very closely the colors in the left eye. She never saw the shapes in her life.

    Her story is a bit like yours, that’s why she has  many questions to ask you :

    – do you think you could do something for her? As already help her to see some forms.

    – Melissa lives in Liège in Belgium, she would appreciate information about your presence in Germany in October-November 2016.

    How much is the cost of this week in the Black Forest? She could come there with her mother.

    – Melissa suffered for many years from depression.
    She takes anti-depressants since the age of 16. She is 39 years old today. She has great difficulty to trust in herself, which adds more problems to his handicap.

    Thank you for your answer to this letter. I sincerely hope that you can help her in her search for healing.

    Best regards.

    Janine Gillet.

  • I live in NYC , am an otherwise healthy 821/2 woman who was diagnosed with Macular degeneration almost 2 years ago. My excellent retinist is hopefully saving my wet eye; my dry eye bled a vessel in it June 2nd & my doctor injected it with hopeful medicines. Thus far it remains almost totally without light coming in. Can I exercise these two eyes? Never
    did I realize the immensity that clear vision provided us. My brain is definitely affected by having one blind eye and a slightly diminishing other eye.
    Are you coming to NYC? If so when? Where? and the fee?
    and are your excercizes in the book, with pictures? Where can I buy the book?
    Thank you for your fearless work.


  • I have read a couple books on self-healing of eyes. Yours say to not wear sunglasses. The other book I read says if I do not wear sunglasses my eyes will be damaged by the sun. Who is right? Who do I believe? If I don’t wear sunglasses and my eyes are damaged what do I do? Please advise

  • Dear Mr. Schneiders,
    I`ve (76) studied your book “Vision for Life”. I found your chapter about Makukar Pucker. That`s my problem. It`s combined with cataract. The doc says it should be operated, though the problem is not great. You know, between two diagnosis (5 month) my vision got better. I didn`t tell the doc, I got some homeopathic medicaments. However I`m not sure, if I should go on with your exercises. In an older book about eye-training I red, that very important is eye-rolling.
    Have you got some more information? It would be kind, if you could send me some experience.

  • Dear Meir Schneider please, please come to New Zealand there are sooooo many people that just don’t know what they are missing as to what can be done to help their sight health etc to improve naturally. In saying that I have shared your wonderful life story of such dedicated determination when seeking ways to improve my own eyesight. I think you have to stop wearing glasses completey when doing exercises for successful results, is that correct? A large majority of people here seek natural healing me included (had to face my demons) …………Plus New Zealand is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. A little country with a big heart. Although like the rest of the world too many legal drug dealers in health systems, the planet needs to wake up and SEE even if we have our visual sight.
    Yours respectfully Lorene

    • New Zealand is definitely a beautiful place, and you are right – there are too many people who want to solve eye problems with surgery and corrective lenses, just like they want to solve illness and other ailments with drugs. At the School, we believe that you must work with the body and nature, not try to fight it. We don’t have anything scheduled for New Zealand at this time, but we would love to have a contact in the area to allow a future visit!

  • Hi
    I’d like to know Dr. Meir’s opinion on sun glazing…looking directly at the sun. Some people claim they no longer need glasses after doing it afew months.
    (I just do sunning eyes closed moving head right to left that I learned in north London sessions)

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