A technique for relaxing the eyes.

Glasses and contacts should be removed for all of the eye exercises.

Don’t continue palming more than five minutes if you have glaucoma; do it more often instead.

Zoe using a palming stick to palm.
Zoe using a palming stick to palm.

This supremely important exercise creates the relaxation that amplifies the effects of all the other exercises.  It rests the optic nerve and the muscles of the eye and relaxes the nervous system.  Darken the room, play soft music if you like and position yourself for maximal comfort — you will need to sit quietly for awhile with the palms of your hands covering your eyes and your elbows comfortably supported.

  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together and drop your shoulders.
  • Close your eyes.  Gently cover them with your cupped hands without pressing on your eyes (the heel of each hand rests on a cheekbone).
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Now start to imagine ever-deepening blackness.

Computer Survival Tip: Steal six minutes away from computer work for palming whenever you get a chance.

You may choose to picture a black object on a moving or still black background, a very dark place, or a black world where even your breath is black.  You’ll see a lot of colored phenomena until your optic nerve quiets down.  Don’t try hard; relax and play with the meditation.  You may experience some of the pain you’ve been shutting out; if you do, stay with it until it clears up.

Palming differs from sleeping in that it is conscious, and that it brings more circulation to the eyes.  Sleep is not enough; you need active relaxation.  Different people will achieve different amounts of relaxation during a session of palming.  Some may relax away virtually a lifetime’s tension, while others may let go of the stresses of the past hour.  Regular 15- to 20-minute sessions are recommended, along with occasional marathon palming sessions with friends. Exchanging neck and shoulder massage during palming sessions is a wonderful idea.

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