Awakening, Improving, and Calming Nerves and Nerve Function

Reprogram your control system; increase coordination and plasticity of the brain Nerves are the body’s communication system, information bank, and messenger service. Everything that happens within the body does so because of information carried to and from the brain by nerves. Everything we feel, everything we know, and everything we do is made possible by Read more about Awakening, Improving, and Calming Nerves and Nerve Function[…]

Healing Arthritis and Joint Injury Naturally

Joints permit movement. When they stiffen and begin to hamper movement, it is absolutely crucial to encourage them to keep moving. In fact, by keeping our ailing joints moving, we are keeping them healthy. As long as a joint has some mobility, we can prevent its permanent loss and even regain lost range of motion. Read more about Healing Arthritis and Joint Injury Naturally[…]

How to Improve Vision Naturally with Palming

A Simple, Universally Useful Exercise from Dr. Meir Schneider There is a common thought in the medical field and in our society that vision in general, and eye diseases specifically, can’t be improved. This couldn’t be further from the truth – in fact, so much of what we understand as general knowledge is totally false. Read more about How to Improve Vision Naturally with Palming[…]

Solving and Preventing Back Pain

Proven Tips from Dr. Meir Schneider Back pain plagues millions of Americans. Meir often jokes that those of us without back pain need support groups because we are so lonely. The modern medical field does very little for those with chronic back pain, and often prescribes dangerous, addictive medications like opioid painkillers, or suggests surgery. Read more about Solving and Preventing Back Pain[…]

Working with Computers

Working on computers can cause vision deterioration, eyestrain, headaches, tight neck and shoulders, and pain in the jaw. Learn to TAKE BREAKS- 30-60 seconds every 20-30 minutes and a longer one every hour or so! You can compensate for the stressors cause by profession and lifestyle!