Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Meir Schneider

How to overcome vision, joint and back problems

Join world-renowned author and lecturer, Meir Schneider, PhD., LMT, for a powerful webinar which will change your life forever!

In this clear and introductory session, Meir is coming to your home for the first time! Meir will be doing this session interactively, so you will be able to ask questions during and after the webinar. Learn the principles of natural vision improvement and basic eye exercises that can be extremely useful. These are simple exercises, and yet profound in their effectiveness and implementation as well. You will also learn new ways to move your joints so that they will stop hurting.

You can prepare for this class by learning the nine principles described in the Vision For Life Book. We will emphasize relaxation and adjustment to different light frequencies, and we will also talk about peripheral vision and introduce you to the whole new concept of how you can improve your vision. He will inspire you to work on yourself and give effective techniques to do so.

These new exercises are different from any yoga or other fitness practices you may have tried before, they are unique to the Self-Healing Method!

Tuesday, September 26th
10:00AM-12:00PM PST

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to improve your vision naturally without leaving your house!


July 15 – September 10                     $19.99
September 10 – September 25          $24.99
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