April 13, 2017

Case Testimonials

*“I’ve had eye problems since age seven, and decided after all this time (I’m 34 now) to change the situation. I heard about Meir Schneider, PhD’s method and I decided to travel to San Francisco all the way from Ottawa, Canada to take the Level One course. I greatly enjoyed the Segment A and B classes, improving my knowledge as a physician and as a teacher. My sense of touch greatly improved; I healed my chronic back pain; I see more clearly; and I’ve become better able to appreciate the joy and beauty of life. I recommend this course to anyone who is involved with the healing process.”
Jean Marc Benoit, M.D., Certificant in Canadian College of Family Practice

*“As an engineer I value knowledge that can be applied and is useful. Meir gave me just that kind of knowledge during his six day course on naturally improving the eyesight. My prescription at the start of the course was at -7.00 with a 0.75 adjustment for a slight case of astigmatism. By using this new found knowledge my prescription is now -3.50 and the astigmatism is gone, which took me 8 months to achieve. My plan is to be done with glasses completely in a year; if not sooner! Meir, thank you for helping me reclaim the gift of sight….for life!”
Manny Muro, Oregon

*“Meir Schneider has miraculously found his vision, and he can help you to find yours. His approach is transformative.”
Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD, author of Light: Medicine of the Future & Take off your Glasses and See

*“The plasticity and potential of the visual system is continuously being explored and redefined. Old notions give way to new potentials. Meier Schneider[sic] addresses these issues in his clinical work with patients with various visual problems. His reflections and theories are worth consideration and critical review.”
Creig S. Hoyt, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, UCSF

*“I have been impressed with the work of Meir Schneider for many years having personally seen improvements in patients’ vision of those who have worked with him. The ability of the visual system to adapt and regaiu funciion i .. UII :n full of mysteries. Through Meir’s work, we are finding some of those mysteries to be realities.”
August L Reader III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Clinical 1 Professor of Ophthalmology California Pacific Medical Center


*While we strongly believe in our work, the results may vary from person to person.