March 31, 2015


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The School for Self-Healing Practitioner Training Program

“This first step towards making the world a better place to live must be to improve everyone’s health. The only way to rid humanity of disease is for each person to become healthy. That process involves becoming our own healers. When we are free from preoccupation with painful or ailing bodies, we can focus our attention on deepening the awareness of our own strength. From this foundation of inner knowledge and each individual’s learning to care for one’s own health, we can create a new world. We need to free the mind, so that it will not inhibit the body from realizing its true potential.” Meir Schneider, Ph.D., LMT

The School For Self-Healing offers a unique, holistic practitioner training course, in a refreshing beach setting in San Francisco. Unifying Meir’s personal experiences of natural vision improvement and kinesthetic awareness through breathing and movement, with sophisticated bodywork techniques, this training program will teach the practitioner to help regenerate bones, muscles and nerves, as well as aid circulation.

This holistic method is desperately needed today as students of the healing arts typically attempt to specialize in one field, such as massage, bodywork and movement exercise, or natural vision improvement. The School for Self-Healing combines all of these techniques into one powerful healing course.

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Training Courses


  • Basic Teacher Training

97 hours

  • Advanced Teacher Training

60 hours

  • Apprenticeship

  • Self-Healing Teacher of Vision Improvement

250 hours minimum 


Upcoming Courses

Basic Teacher Training (Summer 2024)





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