January 25, 2024

New Client Information Sheet With Disclaimer

I understand that the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is an educational program and not in any sense a medical treatment and does not claim to effect cures, in the medical sense, for any pathological condition.  I undertake the self-healing program with the intention of discovering and exploring myself both physically and spiritually and of realizing more of my personal potential.

I understand that Self-Healing is a program of body education using breathing, mental imagery and visualization, gentle massage and a system of non-strenuous movement which may increase energy level as well as flexibility and mobility plus relaxing the body and inducing a feeling of well-being.  Should my problem be visual impairment, then it is understood that special vision training will be provided.  The success of this body education is relative to my own efforts, understanding and capacity to use Self-Healing principles in my own life.  I regard a Self-Healing Practitioner/Educator as a teacher and a guide for the process of self-exploration.

I understand if I have a health problem, that the School for Self-Healing needs to be fully informed about any contra-indications for massage, movement, visualization, or eye exercises, that the School intends to comply fully with these restrictions, and that it is my responsibility to notify the School about them. I understand that the School encourages me to refuse, or put a stop to, any exercise, massage technique, vision improvement technique or any other procedure that makes me feel in any way uncomfortable. 

I understand that I may be charged a cancellation fee of $50 if I cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice.

I understand that I may be asked to remove part of my clothing for the purpose of massage.  I am free to refuse or to disrobe only to the degree to which I prefer.

Thus, I agree to hold harmless the School for Self-Healing, its associated entities, and its employees and students from any liability for any accidents or injuries incurred during my session or sessions at the School, or while I am practicing my home program of exercises away from the school premises.
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