March 21, 2017


Lectures are a great way to meet Meir Schneider and get a taste of his Self-Healing Method for little or no charge. He holds them often throughout the year. When he tours an area, he will be giving a lecture so don’t miss out!

Upcoming Lectures

Level One: Segment A & B Training Course

August 18th thru September 6th, 2021

After a year of isolation and putting our lives on hold we are reviving up to open our doors and offer you the opportunity to inject life into your life with courses in the Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork, Movement and Natural Vision Improvement.  Whether you are a professional in the healthcare field or simply looking to improve or maintain your own health you will get a lot out of this program.

We would like to teach you life skills that will help you improve your quality of life, reduce the tendency for immobilized aging, bring a new sense of vitality to your body, improve your vision, improve your joints, improve your back… We use the beach, the trampoline, the hot tub, and our wonderful classroom with its new cork floor with yoga mats. Mainly we learn the skills that began and were developed over 50 years in Meir’s method. Even those who took the training course before will learn many new things they’ve not previously learned. Just so you all know, it is only half price to repeat.  We highly recommend for those of you who have already taken the training course once to have a repeat.  

A brief outline of the schedule is as follows:

  1. Level One: Segment A
  • August 18th – 21st
  • August 22nd – day off
  • August 23rd – August 26th

2.   Level One: Segment B

  • August 29th – September 1st
  • September 2nd – day off
  • September 3rd – 6th

These are new skills you can carry with you at any age, for many reasons, and all of them are great reasons for expressing love through movement and vision improvement.  When we increase our potential and our capacity, and we feel capable, life opens for us and for others and, the love we add to our lives and to other’s lives starts to pour. That is the reason for this training.

Go to our website at and read all about the school and the training courses we offer.  Call the office at 415-665-9574 or email Jan Albin at for more information.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th of August 2021!