August 20, 2010


ImageMuscular Dystrophy is a group of diseases characterized by progressive degeneration and/or loss of muscle fibers without nervous system involvement. All or nearly all of them have a hereditary origin but details of the type of genetic defect and of the prognosis for the disease vary from type to type.

Typical medical treatment consists of supportive equipment and emotional support groups.

Self-Healing Approach

Private sessions of specific massage techniques that build up weak dystrophic muscles and relax chronically tight muscles; gentle movement exercises in the pool,and eventually on land; a home program of gentle movement exercises to strengthen weak muscles without damaging them. We can also teach loved ones how to work with you at home.

Taking the Self-Healing Method Training is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Self-Healing for your muscular dystrophy.

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Movement for Life: Jànos Janyik Quests to Overcome Muscular Dystrophy

Jànos Janyik is a very special man.  He was born with a relentlessly degenerative disease, Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy; a disease that often kills an afflicted person somewhere between their late 20’s to their early 40’s. In spite of near poverty Jànos developed a life that inspires others. On his own, he has worked to slow down the progression of his illness and muscle waste. Amazingly, with such a destructive type of muscular dystrophy, his muscle degeneration is one tenth or less than that of a typical person afflicted with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy.

In his quest for recovery, he read my books that are translated into Hungarian. He raised funds from corporate sponsors and caring friends from as far away as Australia to come all the way to San Francisco for treatment and education. He wants to not only slow down the disease and make improvement, but he also wants to teach others when he returns to Hungary mid- August. Even with limited funds, Jànos and his family made the journey to the School for Self-Healing, with high hopes and great faith in life and the healing process.

His  initial treatment evaluation and session he had with me was extremely helpful, and he regained movement that he has not had in ten years! Though mainly wheelchair bound, very weak and lightweight, he is doing much, much better than anyone with his disease at his age, and I am very hopeful for him if he gets the treatment he needs. He needs more intensive treatment. With the specialized therapy he can get at the School for Self-Healing, and his indomitable spirit, determination and motivation, he can make more progress. We can teach him so he can continue when he goes home. And we can teach his wife the special massage techniques that nourish dystrophic muscles.

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A Message from Meir

Thank all of you who have contributed to Janos’s treatment fund for Becker’s muscular dystrophy.  We are on our way to reach the treatment goal he needs because of your generosity. Thank you. Over $4,000 has been donated! We still need $6,000 to reach this treatment goal. Your care and concern will help extend and save his life. This is a once in a lifetime trip and opportunity for Jànos, who has come all the way from Hungary.
With the treatment he has had this last month, Janos has made concrete progress. His wasted muscles are strengthening and developing, actually gaining mass. He stands and sits straighter and his chest is not as concave, giving his heart and lungs more room. His overly contracted healthy muscles are more relaxed, allowing better blood flow and strength. He can actually lift his foot now whereas he could barely move it. He is gaining real strength and function. Please help us continue his treatment
And remember, your donation is tax deductible. Please donate any amount you can today. Janos will only be here until August 18. 100% of your donation will go to Jànos’ fund. Not one dime will go to administrative costs.  Donations will fund his hydrotherapy work and our treatments.  Please help raise awareness. With $10,000.00 we can save a life together.
Meir Schneider
School for Self-Healing

A Special Thanks from Jànos

Thanks for everyone, who donated for my medical treatment! I have worked very hard in the last 3 weeks, and I feel am doing much better. I can do some exercises that I couldn’t do before. I hope, that my progress will continue and I will be able to live like other people, and I can give my knowledge and experience to many patients in the future! Thank you very much!

Because of his financial situation, Jànos cannot afford the treatment he desperately needs, even with substantial discounts.  We need your help to give him the number of sessions he needs during his two-month stay in San Francisco to help transform his condition as much as potentially possible.

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I have muscular dystrophy. I came to San Francisco to study with Meir Schneider at a point when my body was really deteriorating. The only thing physicians could tell me was that I was looking at a downward spiral, and nothing could be done. But I improved 40%. The tools I’ve learned make it possible to manage my health. When I work intensively on myself, I gain real increases in muscle strength. I have much better mobility and function than I could ever have had without this method.”- Beatriz Nascimento, MA, OTR, Self-Healing practitioner/ teacher in Sao Paulo, Brazil, San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Rosa, CA

“I am a 31 year-old psychologist from New York City. I was born with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD), which I inherited from my mother.

Meir is an artist. I have never met anyone remotely like him. As an artist, he has the spontaneity of Pollack and the detail and precision of Klimt. He has no game plan, because he treats every individual as such, but he always knows what he is doing. He allows for the body to talk and he seems to listen and communicate with his hands. His touch is incredibly gentle yet powerful.

Meir’s energy and attitude is contagious. He is living proof that determination and heart can move mountains, or in his case, open eyes. He was recently listed as one of Israel’s top 10 most inspirational people on their biggest public television station.

To describe Meir as a healer can be a bit misleading. He has an incredibly sophisticated knowledge of the human body. He was awarded his doctorate for a paper that he wrote on muscular dystrophy. He never makes empty promises, nor does he mince words. He is totally sincere. It’s who he is. He can’t help it. He adores his children and is absolutely passionate about his work.”

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David Younger, PhD NY,NY

“I have been using Meir’s method for ten years. It is all-inclusive effective bodywork for muscular dystrophy. The three massage techniques release deep muscle tension and fatigue, support sick muscles, and rebuild damaged tissue. I have better balance, more mobility, and less fatigue. Self-Healing helps regenerate my body.”- Dan Dernay, DC, Concord, CA

“Because of my FSH muscular dystrophy, I walk with a limp and have some weakness in my arms. My doctors told me I could only expect to get worse. Self-Healing therapy sessions gave me the tools to manage my condition successfully. I work on myself every day. Instead of getting weaker, I’m stronger, and filled with determination and hope.”- Karen Myers, San Francisco, CA





In the video below, Meir talks with Self-Healing student Gwen about her muscular dystrophy and demonstrates a facial massage.