January 7, 2020

Meir’s Journey to Natural Vision Improvement

Author of ‘Movement for Self Healing’, Meir tells his inspiring story of how he was born blind to deaf parents. Through hard work and determination he is now able to see (has a driving license). Meir also talks about his healing Centre in San Francisco, CA and why he believes that virtually anyone who is ill can improve their health.

Meir on the program Israel Top Ten. Meir was named one of Israel’s Top Ten Inspiring People.

Meir Schneider on an Israeli TV Special talking about brain plasticity.

Meir Schneider Appears on Channel 11 on Israeli television. They did a series of shows on brain plasticity. Meir was asked to speak regarding the eyes and the brain and if physiological changes can be made through exercise of the eyes. Followed with a reflection from Meir here at The School For Self-Healing

Meir and Jeanne demonstrate the relaxing exercise and meditation of palming. Palming is one of the most important exercises that should be done daily to rest the eyes from the environment of the modern world.

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