Self-Healing Services

Meir Schneider’s Self-Healing Services emphasize working towards the specific needs of the client. Unlike conventional therapy, we treat each client as a student, active in the process of healing themselves. Students learn therapeutic exercises specifically designed for themselves, to be continued beyond the session.

Our self-healing services include subtle body movement and a specific massage technique Meir developed over his 40-year career. We use unique forms of imagery to stimulate and connect the brain, muscles, and nerve cells. We reveal the interconnectedness within the body as problems in one part of the body can lead to problems elsewhere. For example, stiffness in the back and neck means poor blood flow to the eyes. A tense muscle in the lower back may cause problems in the hip, abdomen or in ones digestion. A weakness in the toe may also lead to stiffness in the ankles, the knees, the hips and eventually stiffness in the lower back, middle back, neck and jaw. Our method teaches you to overcome these weaknesses to improve strength.

Self-Healing is for motivated clients. Through active partnership with their practitioner, clients become excellent observers of their own bodies. This active role leads to an empowerment that strongly counteracts the depression, frustration, and fear that often accompany sickness and disability.

Private Self-Healing Sessions

We can teach you. The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is a comprehensive therapy combining massage, movement education and – for those who need it – vision training. Self-Healing is for motivated people who wish to take an active role in improving their health.

Our aim is not to apply treatment, but to provide education. By teaching our clients the simple principles of massage, self-massage, and exercises involving breathing, movement, coordination, and visualization, our staff and students have helped thousands of people worldwide better manage degenerative conditions arising out of lifestyle, profession and serious health problems.

The Self-Healing Research Foundation located in San Francisco, California is the parent entity for the School for Self-Healing. We provide therapy for people to increase their mobility, improve the function of their body systems, relieve pain, improve vision, and increase their productivity. The School also publishes books, audio tapes, and videos to educate the public about the techniques of Meir Schneider’s unique Self-Healing method.

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