May 16, 2018

Richard Miller

Richard Miller from Tucson, Arizona is first and foremost a Self-Healing Practitioner in the Meir Schneider Method. He is a also a meditation instructor, holds a Master of Fine Arts and is a Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Personal Trainer.

While pursuing a career as a legally blind photographer, Richard began working with Meir almost 30 years ago. After many years of working on his eyes, he got rid of his glasses and improved his optic nerve atrophy. Wanting to help others, he became fully trained in Meir’s Method including the Advanced Training in Vision Improvement.

Richard is co-founder of the website Envision Self-Healing that has helped countless people all over the globe with their vision conditions. He is currently seeing clients with vision problems and teaching workshops on how to get rid of glasses.

After 30 years of exploring the world of vision improvement, Richard has “done it all” from microstim to acupuncture to colored light therapy (Snytonics) to stem cells. He makes an excellent vision improvement coach to guide you on your own personal vision quest.


Cell: 520 488-0944