September 13, 2017

Sarit Tahori

Sarit Tahori

Founder of the Center for Restoring Natural Health in Israel.
The Center for Restoring Natural Health was founded out of the complete belief that we can restore the health of our eyes and our body as a whole.
Sarit‘s work focuses on restoring health through eye exercise, movement exercise, and precise bodywork.
When asked about her work with Meir Schneider she said:
“My approach to therapy has been elevated as a result of my deep and close working relationship with Meir Schneider.
Ever since our first encounter, I have been following and learning from him and his work in Israel, in addition to getting precise consultation and guidance from him regarding my own patients”.
Sarit also teaches the Meir Schneider self-healing method through courses and workshops and her main field of practice is the rehabilitation of eye and body conditions of varying severities.
The Center for Restoring Natural Health is located in the Tel Aviv District.
Number 1 Homa Omigdal ST
Holon, Israel.
Phone Number:   0522757842 or 972522757842 for international calls.