December 22, 2016

Self-Healing in Brazil

The Brazillian Self-Healing Association was created in 2001, with the mission to promote and protect the work of Meir Schneider and Self-Healing in Brazil. It is an all-volunteer association and we have been working incessantly to train new practitioners, to organize and regulate the teachings of Level I and coordinate Meir’s events in the country of Brazil. All of his books have been published in Brazil, and all of his audio cds have been produced there in Portugese as well. We have at this point, 18 fully-trained Brazillian instructors, dozens of practitioners and hundreds of students in training. There are mostly concentrated in Sao Paulo, but we are gradually expanding to other states, such as Rio De Janiero, Brasillia, Parana, and the interior of Sao Paulo. To reach us, go to: