Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing – Audiobook


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Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing – Now an audiobook you can listen to anywhere!

Virtuoso pianist Arthur Rubenstein developed crippling arthritis throughout his whole body, except for in his hands. Their consistently fluid, effortless, and balanced movement during years of performance kept his hands in wonderful shape, even as the rest of his body failed him. Our book, Awakening Your Power of Self Healing, is designed to teach you to bring the power of healthy movement into every part of your life, and overcome disabilities and diseases on which others will tell you to give up. It contains revolutionary knowledge you need to grow healthier by the day, prevent disease in the future, and greatly improve your current conditions.

Awakening Your Power of Self Healing helps you to develop a deep awareness of your body and to engage in appropriate, pleasant exercise at the same time. We want to help people understand that there is a way to exercise their bodies safely. We want to help you become aware of your body’s needs, and respond to them. It is time to give up the idea of “no pain, no gain” – instead, Dr. Meir Schneider and his School for Self-Healing would like you to understand that you have everything to gain, with virtually no pain. The book is written very specifically to be easy to follow. We include 600 exercises, many of which are unavailable anywhere else in the world.  Above all, we worked hard to make this audiobook friendly, practical, applicable, and useful.

We wrote this book chronologically, according to the body’s needs. We begin with a chapter on breathing, to teach you to breathe slowly, deeply, and smoothly – this is the foundation on which good health is built – and progress from important, universal knowledge to information for specific diseases. Here is a brief description of each chapter:

Chapter 1: Breathing

With the techniques laid down here, you will learn to consistently energize yourself – physically and mentally – throughout the day. These revolutionary exercises nourish your cells, and can alleviate and prevent symptoms associated with progressive breathing diseases, and are of great benefit even to the healthy. This work complements and outperforms modern physiotherapy and even yogic breathing exercises.

Chapter 2: Circulation

The next chapter is on improving circulation. Your newly energized cells will reduce or eliminate daytime fatigue, prevent most vision problems related to “aging,” decrease problems related to high and low blood pressure, and leave you feeling refreshed at all times. Of course, improved circulation also improves the state of a person with cardiovascular disease. In short, better circulation culminates in a better, longer life.

Chapter 3: The Spine

The human body has over 600 muscles, but we now use only about 50. The imbalanced use of our musculature is a primary cause and effect of spinal problems and pain, and this chapter shows proven and effective ways to prevent and reduce back problems. By learning to use muscles the way they were meant to be used, you will learn to take back your back, reduce pain, and maintain supple, fluid movement decades past what modern medicine claims is possible.

Chapter 4: The Joints

Some people never think about their joints, and others can’t think about anything else. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the direct link between arthritis and tension. With that knowledge, we show you how to loosen your joints throughout the years. As a result, you’ll remain young and flexible for decades, prevent or reduce the effects rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and activate all your muscles in a balanced way to prevent injuries to your joints during daily use.

Chapter 5: The Muscles

The next chapter about muscles is very near and dear to our hearts. Nearly all of us suffer from tension and fatigue in modern society. Even “fit” people are prone overworking the muscles, and work only a few of them with great intensity. Over time, this imbalance only leads to more problems. In this chapter, we show you how to use muscles properly, and learn the great secret to lifelong mobility that was formerly lost to the generations.

Chapter 6: The Nervous System

By and large, the modern medical field teaches that our nervous system is an autonomic, or self-controlling, system. Instead, we want you to understand that you can and should control your nervous system. Left alone, the branches of the nervous system will assuredly go spiralling out of balance, causing and contributing to all sorts of systemic problems – from general pain and fatigue to multiple sclerosis and wasting diseases.  We teach you how to give good feedback to the central nervous system, to use it in a new way via coordination and special, previously unknown exercises. You’ll connect your brain to your muscles and joints, and create a profound affinity between your mind, nerves, and body.

Chapter 7: Massage

Massage contributes to self-esteem, immune function, circulation, and relaxation, and it rebuilds bone and tissue. There is no better place to implement massage than on yourself, in the comfort of your own home. Everyone can benefit from massage – it complements the rest of our work in a very real and significant way.

Chapter 8: Vision

The concept that eyes can’t improve is obsolete, and we continue to prove it every day. Your eyes are literally a window to your body and nervous system, and in this chapter we help you learn to see. You’ll learn to recognize and combat the overuse of near vision, and to overcome the strain caused by looking at computers, tablets, and smartphones. We show you the principle of natural vision improvement by relaxing the eyes and activating the periphery, which is essential to the health of the eyes and body.

Chapter 9: Runners

It is time to run in a new way. There is no doubt that a proper running practice has great physical, mental, and emotional benefit, but the fact is that nearly all runners engage in destructive running practices that cause harm to their joints, tendons and ligaments, and muscles over time. This chapter will show you how to run in a new, novel way that can keep you on the road to improvement – without competition, and without injury.  Followed to the letter, this chapter is a runner’s best friend.

Chapter 10: Musicians

Musicians, it is time to learn to be one with your instrument in as many ways as possible, so your music moves straight from your heart to your audience’s. In this chapter, you’ll learn to develop awareness of your body as you play, and prevent damage to your hands, arms, and elbows that the medical profession deems both incurable and inevitable. Study with us, and learn how good use of your body leads to world-class musicianship.

Chapter 11: Office Workers

Because of the countless screens in our lives, modern society is losing both vision and physical strength. The illnesses that were formerly common for the elderly are becoming more common for people in their fifties, and we predict that these illnesses will begin to ravage even our young population in coming generations. This chapter, worked with devotion, contains knowledge and simple, practical exercises to protect and strengthen your eyes and body to prevent damage from computer use and office work. Move from depression, pain, and loss of vision to lightness and freedom at work. This is your guide to better health and sanity.

Chapter 12: Asthma

There is no medication without terrible effects on the body. These “side” effects, like glaucoma, osteoporosis, kidney failure, and many more, are especially present with the steroids and anti-inflammatory inhalers we use to treat childhood and adult asthma. Asthma attacks are strongly linked to our activities, breathing, and emotions, and this chapter and its exercises will help you learn to manage your asthma naturally.

Chapter 13: Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the silent killer. High blood pressure destroys vision, kidneys, smooth movement and circulation, our limbs, and more. Low blood pressure causes dizziness, fainting, organ damage, weakness and malaise, and fatigue. This chapter gives simple exercises that have a measurable, positive effect on blood pressure, and contains knowledge not readily available from your doctor. Don’t wait until your blood pressure causes problems – start working on yourself now.

Chapter 14: Headaches

People want to get rid of their headaches with painkillers. Don’t make that mistake. Here, we teach you how to find the root cause of your headache and eliminate it, ridding you of headaches and other health problems. Don’t kill the pain – your painkillers are killing you. Learn how to get in touch with your body’s needs naturally, so that you never need to rely on medications.

Chapter 15: Diabetes

We’ve made numerous advancements on the subject of diabetes in the previous decades, but millions still suffer from vision loss, kidney damage, poor circulation, and amputation. Here, we share knowledge of massage and movement techniques for better blood flow. Many that practice the exercises laid down here with devotion reduce their insulin needs by one-third to one-half – you’ll find yourself living a healthier, happier, longer life.

Chapter 16: Arthritis

Stop hurting, and start moving. Though we shared a great deal of information on arthritis in part one of the book, this chapter contains even more, specialized methods to overcome all forms of arthritis. Too many of us lose our joints and replace them. Instead, learn effective ways to prevent joint restriction and deterioration, and advance your capacity to prevent joint replacements and the surgeries and complications that stem from them.

Chapter 17: Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a major concern in the developed world, but many now understand that it can be managed. We take that one step further and assert that osteoporosis can be cured. With exercises, direction, and dedication, osteoporosis devolves into osteopenia, and further devolves to healthy bones. In this chapter, we teach special methods of massage and movement to demonstrably increase bone density and overall strength, without the need to take harmful drugs for the rest of your life. Live longer, without broken bones.

Chapter 18: Back Pain

Those of us without back pain may feel very lonely – nearly everyone around us has back pain. The back doesn’t need to hurt. Back problems arise from lifestyle choices, like too much sitting, walking on hard concrete in shoes, and improper diet. This chapter and its references allow you to overcome or prevent back pain from many sources. Learn how to finally stop taking dangerous, addictive medications, and win back your back.

Chapter 19: Posture

Many people try to “correct” their posture, when posture is a most natural condition. It is the sum total of how our muscles are put together and how our senses guide them. To solve postural problems and the medical issues they cause, from indigestion to disfigured bones, we must learn to balance our muscles and coordinate our senses properly. Life can be different – our approach to posture laid down here will keep you moving for years to come.

Chapter 20: Muscular Dystrophy

The whole world is waiting for a cure for muscular dystrophy, and despite billions spent on research, the improvement has been in diagnosis, not relief. Even when the day comes that we develop a cure, proper physiotherapy does not exist in the conventional world. Follow this chapter diligently to delay, stop, or even cure the problem, depending on the case. We are sensitive to your needs, and we know you can improve even when others say you can’t.

Chapter 21: Polio

The polio virus has decreased dramatically in the world, but post-polio syndrome continues to destroy lives. Physiotherapy revolves around over-strengthening already health muscles to compensate for weakened ones, but the long term effect is imbalance and mobility loss. In this chapter, we show how to use the muscles that many polio survivors are told to give up on. Regardless of the extent of mobility, loss, or age, this chapter can help those suffering from the after-effects of the polio virus – with improvements up to 65%, all while postponing physical degradation for up to 30 years or more. Dr. Schneider’s book and program will be with you all the way to a new, better life.

Chapter 22: Multiple Sclerosis

No two MS patients are alike, but all can benefit from our program. Learn to slow the progression of the illness without medication, to stabilize your body, and improve beyond your imagination. We are very sensitive to the needs of MS patients, and are very proud of our work in this field. Nothing is fool-proof, and nothing lasts forever, but by following our guidance laid down here, you’ll benefit for many years to come.

Chapter 23: Strokes

Physiotherapists have proven that many people who have strokes can actually improve, and we are thankful to them for that. Still, we feel that our program presented in this chapter can take you beyond the improvement available from traditional therapy. For instance, it is widely believed that you can’t improve vision after a visual stroke, but cases of rehabilitation are showing time and again that damage caused by visual strokes can be reduced or reversed. With knowledge presented here, we can help prevent strokes, overcome visual stroke and mobility loss, advance beyond the rehabilitation given by the medical field, and regain what we’ve lost.

Chapter 24: Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a deadly disease. While we are grateful for medications that reduce its symptoms, serious peripheral effects like hallucinations and sensory disturbance go hand in hand with chemical therapy. After beginning the regimen, patients are generally required to continue the medications for life. This small chapter can teach you how to deal with the most central symptoms of Parkinson’s naturally, and stave off medication therapy for as long as possible. If you haven’t started using the drugs, don’t – first, let us teach you methods to shake less and use the body’s strength and flexibility wisely. This chapter, followed diligently, can keep Parkinson’s patients in the best shape possible for a much longer time.

Chapter 25: Eye Problems

It is time to reverse the verdict that vision can’t improve. We already have shown the eyes’ capability to heal and improve in our vision chapter, but the Eye Problems chapter offers specific advice for a wide variety of vision problems. Those who suffer near or far-sightedness, astigmatism, crossed eyes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or a host of other diseases will find valuable, practical exercises and knowledge tailored to their needs. Careful use of this chapter and its cross references will dramatically improve pathogenesis for a host of diseases. I have seen miraculous results in myself and my clients, time and time again.


Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing represents the culmination of decades of work, dedication, and demonstrable results by Dr. Meir Schneider, his team, and the practitioners he has trained. We have written the book to be practical, approachable, informative, and useful. This book will be a close friend for the rest of your life – a life that will be made better by the exercises and knowledge enclosed. It is our sincere hope that you and yours benefit from Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing as much as we have.