Online Workshop Video: Self-Healing through Movement, and Natural Vision Improvement


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This was originally a day-long workshop on June 13th, 2020. It totals nearly 6 hours of video footage (split up into 6 parts) with comprehensive exercises, as well as questions and answers.
Watch the video below for a description from Meir:

You will need:

• Masking tape or any gentle tape you have available that won’t irritate your skin.
• Cup to spit into
• Soft surface to exercise on the floor – like a thick yoga mat or a blanket folded in thirds. If you are unable to get on the floor, have a comfortable chair to exercise in, preferably without arms to obstruct your movement.
• Two (2) well used tennis balls. Tennis courts usually give these away for free.
• Broomstick. If you can’t unscrew the broom (or mop) from the handle it will work fine.
• Two (2) pillows that you will be rolling over onto. You could use the pillows off your bed.
• A table surface that you can raise your leg up on, for an exercise and also you can use the pillows on for a palming exercise surface.

(Additional print materials included in download link)