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Now palming is easier than ever with our palming stick. Palm and relax your eyes with this convenient, portable therapeutic tool.

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Palming sticks are used here at the Center for Self-Healing for the exercise of palming. Palming is covering the eye orbits with the palms of your hands, to relax and rejuvenate the eyes. Palming differs from sleeping in that it is conscious and helps bring more circulation to the eyes. Sleep is not enough; you need active relaxation. Different people will achieve different amounts of relaxation during a session of palming. Some may relax away virtually a lifetime’s tension, while others may let go of the stresses of the past hour. These newer palming sticks are easier to adjust, for a better palming experience.

In order to be fully relaxed and avoid putting stress on the neck, back, or face, use a palming stick. It will allow you to rest your arms in a position high enough to keep your head and neck relaxed and tension free and your face free of pressure from your hands as you palm. Palming sticks are adjustable, which means you can adjust the stick height to fit your body.

Regular 15- to 20-minute sessions are recommended, along with occasional marathon palming sessions with friends. Exchanging neck and shoulder massages during palming sessions is a wonderful idea. Palming is one of the best exercises to relax your eyes, a vital part of Meir’s self-healing method.

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