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Repeat any course class for only one third tuition! If you are registered for apprenticeship, also receive 25 apprenticeship hours for repeating Segment A or B. Repeat Level Two for 90 hours apprenticeship hours.

Dr. Schneider with Segment A students. Haifa, July 2010



WE ARE AN APPROVED AMTA (AMERICAN MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCIATION) SCHOOL!  The coursework satisfies the American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) continuing education requirements.  We hope you choose to study with us. Our courses give you advanced massage training found no where else.  10% discount for AMTA  members or professional health provider.

The School for Self-Healing is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 11868. 68 contact hours per segment.

Classes are small and students are assured of personal attention.

Level One

Students relaxing after class.

Students relaxing after class.

The Basic Course, Segments A and B, is appropriate for everyone seeking to improve his/her own health, for health care professionals, and for those interested in developing a new career in holistic health.

Individuals seeking to advance their health often experience dramatic improvement during the class. This is an immersion class, giving the body and eyes an opportunity to create and establish healthy patterns and abilities.

Health professionals will enrich their therapeutic skills and be able to bring clients to a new level of progress in their health. Learning techniques and treatment protocols for a wider range of visual and physical conditions can increase and expand your practice.

Those seeking a new career are welcome and will learn massage therapy basics, specialized massage techniques developed by Dr. Schneider, and movement exercises, uniquely applied and combined with vision therapy, breathing, and effective visualizations (visual mental imagery) to create an unprecedented protocol for health, mobility and vision. Self-Healing training teaches more than massage and anatomy, giving you a marketable edge in the competitive filed of bodywork.

Certificates are given upon completion of each class. Upon completing Level One, students receive certification for massage therapy.

Topics covered include:

  • Massage techniques that support breathing, circulation, digestion, the spine and joints, muscles, the nervous system and the visual system. Unique specific massage techniques for osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy, and degenerative conditions of nerve, arthritis, and other problems
  • Movement, breathing, and visualization exercises which correct patterns of strained, unbalanced use and work synergistically with the massage techniques
  • Relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  • Vision improvement techniques that relax the eyes, reprogram visual habits and address/prevent degenerative conditions of the visual system
  • Analysis of movement patterns through touch and observation
  • Creating the specific program each client needs
  • Prevention of and relief from occupational hazards of massage therapy
Students working with client

Students working with client

These topics are approached within a context of self-care. Students learn how to cultivate a deep physical awareness focused around movement, including very subtle kinds of movement within the body.

Meir Schneider believes that movement is life; we limit movement — and vitality — through stress-induced muscle tension and cultural expectations about how we should move.

Students experiencing self-healing through movement

Students experiencing self-healing through movement

Each Level One Class is Dynamic and Unique

In Level One, students learn the basics of the Self-Healing Method. They begin to understand how to find new movement possibilities for themselves and for people with disabilities through the exploration of their own movement restrictions and possibilities.

Usually class composition is a mixture of massage therapists, health care professionals, beginners and people who want to learn how to improve their own health and function or that of a loved one. Disabled students are welcome and every effort is made to accommodate them. People young and old and from close and far have come to study The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing.

Class structure alternates between lecture/discussion, and practice of massage and movement. There is a considerable amount of reading and self-reflection that we recommend doing before the class begins. Please allow time for this if possible while scheduling for the class. But last minute sign-ups are always welcome. Students often study together before class discussions. The most effective way to learn Self-Healing principles and techniques is by doing it. Our classes are experiential and you learn at all levels, creating dynamic healthy patterns.

Pricing & Scheduling

Please contact the Office Manager for special needs concerning tuition. Ask for a catalog and receive $25 off of tuition. Several discount options for “up-front” payment as well as payment plans are offered.

Level One tuition is $4,900 plus a $200 registration fee per segment. If you pay in full by the first day of Segment A or B, you receive a $300 discount per segment. If you register for both classes and pay for both either before or during Segment A, both classes may be taken for only $4000! (Segment B may be taken up to one year later).

Segment A & B: $ 4,900.00, Payment plan available
Segment A & B: $4,000.00, Pre-Paid
Segment A or B: $2,500.00, Payment plan available
Segment A or B: $2,200.00, Pre-Paid
* Registration cost is non-refundable

Payment plans are available, please inquire.

Ask for a catalog and receive $25 off of tuition

These classes are transformational, so consider taking them now! Register for Level One today! Our Calendar lists upcoming training sessions around the world.

To register call us at (415) 665-9574 or email officemanager@self-healing.org

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