Meir’s Schneider Myopia Session via Zoom 08/10/20


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Meir’s Myopia Session from 08/10/2020 is now available for downloadable purchase.  Learn how to improve your nearsightedness using Meir’s method of Natural Vision Improvement.
This session is filled with important information on myopia and includes: 
  • A short, comprehensive video demonstrating the physiology of myopia.
  • The dangers of high myopia, not improving nearsightedness and relying only on glasses. 
  • Exercises that can improve your vision.
  • Questions for Meir from some of the participants of the live Zoom session.

“Very interesting video. I have already bought and read the ‘vision for life’ book, and I have done quite a few of the exercises. I have noticed some improvements after the exercises, however, watching a good teacher even if only on YouTube actually helps to complement reading the book”. – p morra (YouTube)