The Six Day Natural Vision Improvement Workshop (February 2022)


Improve your vision in 20/20 with Natural Vision Improvement Exercises

Workshop February 10th – 15th, 2022

Protect the priceless gift of your eyesight!

  • Is your vision failing?
  • Does your vision blur sometimes?
  • Has it become hard to drive at night?
  • Do you suffer from eye strain?
  • Are you tired of glasses?
  • Is looking at your computer or smartphone screen bothering your eyes?

Learn to alleviate all these problems and more in February!

We recommend attending all six days for best results. 

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The Six-Day Natural Vision Improvement Workshop

Join us in a comfortable setting where you will learn rejuvenating eye exercises and more, right next to the Pacific Ocean. The complete workshop is a total of six well rounded and comprehensive days.

Over the course of the workshop, you will be instructed by Meir Schneider in his Self-Healing Method for Natural Vision Improvement. You will learn how you can use simple exercises and gentle movement combined with the natural world around you, such as the light and heat of the sun, to aid in your journey to healthier vision. The instruction will impart on you the importance of simple vision improvement habits you can apply daily to your life that will help your eyes function much better. You will gain relaxation and relief from your eye strain.

About Meir Schneider

Meir Schneider is a globally respected educator and therapist who developed a unique method that can help improve vision. Born with cataracts, he overcame his blindness with body and eye exercises and determination. He now reads, writes, and drives with an unrestricted driver’s license.

Day One: 9am – 2pm

General Concepts of Vision Improvement

Discover how your daily routine affects your vision, how you can change it to increase vision quality and decrease visual stress. Learn how to measure your own eyesight and its improvements.

Day Two: 9am – 1pm

Basic Exercises for Every Condition

Learn how to improve nearsightednessfarsightednessastigmatism and other conditions. Meir will teach methods of stimulating central vision as the first step in cultivating a method to improve your eyes.

Day Three: 9am – 1pm

How to Balance Use of the Eyes (Eye Teaming)

Most people have a dominant eye and the brain ignores messages from the weaker eye, putting tremendous strain on the dominant eye, which deteriorates from over use, while the weaker eye becomes debilitated from lack of use. Learn exercises to overcome lazy eye or cross eyes and balance your visual system.

Day Four: 9am – 1pm

How to Overcome and Prevent Pathologies

We will also address concerns with specific pathologies such as cataractsglaucomakeratoconusmacular degeneration, and other retinaloptic nerve, and cornea problems; all of which are becoming common conditions. Individual needs will be addressed.

Day Five: 3pm – 9:30pm

(includes a night walk and dinner)

Expanding Knowledge of Vision Improvement

Learn how to expand the plasticity of the visual system and find relief from one eye dominance. After having dinner together, we will go on a night walk to further stimulate peripheral vision.

Day Six: 9am – 2pm

Final Analysis

Learn how to integrate the techniques and principles into a daily practice that works for you. This is an extraordinary opportunity to analyze and understand your own vision. Any questions that weren’t answered earlier and anything that isn’t fully understood will be addressed during this session. Finally, you will measure your vision again and see how much you have improved over six days of practice!

We recommend attending all six days for best results. 

Private Sessions:

We suggest you spend your free time practicing eye exercises on your own or with classmates. You also have the opportunity to schedule private sessions with Meir and other practitioners. Use this time to its transformative potential to help you improve your eyesight for the rest of your life.

Join Meir, the author of Vision for Life and Awakening your Power of Self-Healing for this powerful workshop. You will meet people with similar goals, establish long-lasting friendships and experience memorable moments, all while improving eyesightLearn how to measure your vision, and with practice, permanently improve it. Bring your contact lens or glasses case, dress comfortably and be ready to have lots of fun!

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