Overcoming Myopia – Introduction with Meir Schneider


Many people these days know that vision can improve and many people are concerned about their vision and the vision of others who are close to them. Most people know that the medical profession is not ready yet to teach us how to improve our vision. Millions of people are looking for a path to learn simply and easily how to start their journey to vision improvement.

The program “Overcoming Myopia – Introduction with Meir Schneider” is an online video that gives you step-by-step easy and comprehensive instruction and demonstration. If followed right, you will see significant changes in your eyesight and your dependence on external corrections (contacts, glasses, and lasik) will greatly decrease. While practice takes time, attention, and good intention, it is satisfying and has a good element of relaxation and well-being with it. What was hard on you will slowly and surely become easy and life will be productive and happy.

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