6-Day Natural Vision Improvement Workshop (Feb. 22-27, 2024)


We highly recommend attending all 6 days.

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Thursday, Feb. 22 – Tuesday, Feb. 27

The 6-Day Natural Vision Improvement Class takes place in a comfortable group setting where you will learn effective and rejuvenating eye exercises, right next to the Pacific Ocean where we look at the wonderful waves and use the beach much of the time. The classes start at 9:00 am daily, with Day Five starting at 3 pm and ending at 9:30 pm with a night walk in Golden Gate Park. Over the course of this class, you will be instructed in Meir’s Self-Healing Method for Natural Vision Improvement. You will learn simple exercises and gentle movement combined with the natural world around you, such as the light and heat of the Sun, to aid in your journey to healthier vision. The instruction will impart to you the importance of better visual habits applied daily and will help your eyes see much better. You will learn relaxation and ways to relieve your eye strain. This class has been taught in many parts of the world including San Francisco, Brazil, Germany, and Israel. More than 90% of participants consistently reported great improvement at the end of the class.

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If a client registers for an event and cancels in advance (more than 48 hours before the event), we refund the client, minus registration and administrative fees. It could be refunded on the credit card, applied to material, on another event, private session, or as a credit for the client.
6-Day Class Fee & Refund Policy
  • 1 day, the registration and administrative fees are $40 
  • 2 days $75
  • 3 days $100
  • 4 days or more $125.
If the client cancels late, i.e. during the last 48 hours before the event, there is no refund.

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