Maggie Lyons

“As a biochemist I suffered regularly with repetitive strain injuries, backache, colds, allergies, headaches and eye strain. I seemed to be always below par and lacking in energy. As a Self-Healing Practitioner/Educator I seem to have boundless energy and remain virtually symptom free. Learning Self-Healing has transformed my life – both personally and professionally. It
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Creig Hoyt, M.D.

“The plasticity and potential of the visual system is continuously being explored and redefined. Old notions give way to new potentials. Meir Schneider addresses these issues in his clinical work with patients with various visual problems. His reflections and theories are worth consideration and critical review.” Creig Hoyt, M.D., Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology
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Ronald K. Takemoto, MD

Meir Schneider offers remarkable techniques that empower you to take charge of your own health and unlock the body’s ability to heal itself. Through his innovative therapeutic movements and exercise, he has helped thousands of individuals throughout the world facilitate their own self-healing. I have personally seen functional improvement in a number of patients where
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