March 31, 2018

5 Self Healing Webinar Series with Meir Schneider

Meir SchneiderFrom overcoming blindness to helping dozens of thousands of people, Meir Schneider is truly a legend in the holistic health world. Now he brings you a brand new self healing webinar. This online course will be a wonderful introduction for you to learn Meir Schneider’s Self-Healing Through Movement and Natural Vision Improvement method. 



Day 1 (2hr 6 min, including breaks):

Learn the principles of Natural Vision Improvement (as discussed in Vision for Life), the principles of body movement – where we work with all body systems like circulatory, muscular and neurological with this self healing webinar. This is not to be missed. Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing is a great guide for this work.

Highlights from the 1st day: 

Day 2 (2hrs 18 min, including breaks):

Learn how to overcome nearsightedness and farsightedness as well as working on back problems and joint problems.

Highlights from the 2nd day: 

Day 3 (2hrs 3 min, including breaks):

We will talk about eye teaming and also how to create a better neurological control of the body and muscles.

Day 4 (2hrs 11 min, including breaks): 

Learn how to avoid or overcome pathologies of the eyes like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, high myopia and other pathologies and to improve simple nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Day 5 (1hr 57 min, including breaks): 

Integration with all of the four preceding sessions and answering questions.


Learn how to see better, move better and live better with this self healing webinar!