June 7, 2018

William Fuller


Since 2010, William Fuller has been a Certified Massage Therapist and Wellness Educator working in San Francisco, California. William’s extensive background in sports science has prepared him to combine multiple massage styles with holistic principles to achieve effective body tension release and positive structural change.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, sports played a major role in William’s own development from an early age. In high school he discovered a passion for understanding the role that anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, and nutrition play in peak sporting performance. This led him to pursue a BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Applied Science at Mid Kent College.

Following an overuse injury at age 18, the doctor told William: “I hope you don’t like sports because you’re never playing again.” William began focusing his attention on deepening his knowledge, skills, and understanding of the human body, and its application to sports by obtaining an undergraduate degree in Sports Science from Southampton University, followed by a post-graduate certificate of education in Physical Education from Southampton University. Over the next five years, William taught a vast range of sports, abilities, and ages around the world, including England, Kenya, and Kuwait.

In 2010, William stumbled upon a unique physical rehabilitation training program in San Francisco, founded by Dr. Meir Schneider. Dr. Schneider had been born blind to deaf parents, but had regained his eyesight through a series of vision and body exercises. Following this extraordinary event, Dr. Schneider established a physical rehabilitation training program based on combining in-depth knowledge of the human body with movements, and applying self-care techniques, such as massage and stretching. Inspired and intrigued by Dr. Schneider’s vision, William moved to San Francisco and enrolled in the program. It was during this training that Willian learned a variety of massage modalities and how to utilize them based on his clients’ needs.

Following graduation, William worked at the Sports and Recreation Center at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He now runs a practice out of a sports medicine clinic in Embarcadero 3 Monday to Fridays and the Flood Building at market street and Powell.

To contact William about services offered through Chiro-Medical Group or private inquiries please visit his website at www.visionbodymind.com or email him at contact@visionbodymind.com.