December 6, 2008




Meir Schneider’s Workshops in Israel – June 2023


Labor Day Transformational Retreat


Barcelona, Spain Workshops

Meir Schneider’s 2.5 Day Natural Vision Improvement Workshop in Paris, France (October 20-22, 2023)

Self-Healing is the process of accessing your innate power to create better health. Through gentle movement, breath work, self-massage, visualization and vision improvement exercises you can create profound change.

Unbalanced, poor visual habits and accumulated eyestrain compromise the health and function of the eyes. Relaxation of the eyes and proper use will improve vision. Relaxation of chronically overused muscles and use of muscles that you have never used before, enhance circulation and bring the body into better balance. Your body and vision are interrelated.

Contact the school if you would like Meir to give a workshop in your area or place of business.  Please see the Calendar for times and locations of the following workshops: