December 6, 2008


Self-Healing is the process of accessing your innate power to create better health. Through gentle movement, breath work, self-massage, visualization and vision improvement exercises you can create profound change.

Unbalanced, poor visual habits and accumulated eyestrain compromise the health and function of the eyes. Relaxation of the eyes and proper use will improve vision. Relaxation of chronically overused muscles and use of muscles that you have never used before, enhance circulation and bring the body into better balance. Your body and vision are interrelated.

Contact the school if you would like Meir to give a workshop in your area or place of business.  Please see the Calendar for times and locations of the following workshops:

Upcoming Workshops

Natural Vision Improvement Workshop with Meir Schneider

May 14&15, 2021

Location: The Gogi Building, 235 W Main St. in Jacksonville, Oregon

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Do you suffer from eye strain and fatigue from looking at a computer or phone all day? Are you tired of wearing glasses? Do you have vision problems? You CAN get rid of your pain. In this workshop, the amazing Meir Schneider, the inventor of an extensive set of exercises, helps you improve how you see everything!

As a child, Meir was born legally blind. He could see shadows and shades of grey. He was born to two deaf parents who could do little to help him. So, with amazing will and deliberate perseverance, he taught himself vision improvement by retraining his visual field using movement, breath and relaxation practices that release restriction and tension.

In this one intensive day, Meir Schneider, Ph.D., LMT, Author of Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing, Movement for Self-Healing, Vision for Life, Yoga for Your Eyes, and many other programs; will teach you a way to see better and move better.  You will learn to increase your level of wellbeing if you repeat every day the exercises you learn.  It’s a Workshop not to miss this year. It may create a better 20/20 for you.

Please note: You will need eye charts (which will be available to you from The School for Self-Healing or directly from Gabrielle Pullen at Your Life Matters onsite at the event. This event takes place in historic Jacksonville, OR. Much of the event will take advantage of the beautiful landscapes in the Rogue Valley and may even include a field trip to a vineyard with exceptional views. There is no more peaceful and rewarding way to rest the eyes! Contact: Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP 541 777-0124

Covid Precautions

Registrants screened for temperature variations, adverse symptoms or second hand exposure before arrival. Much of the workshop will take place outside in the beauty of nature where it is easier to experience how restful it can be to rest the eyes with exercises that take advantage of the beautiful skyline of the Rogue Valley in Historic Jacksonville, OR.